Monday, August 22, 2005

Centennial Chapel

Well, I had a great weekend at home. My sister, Heather, and I went home to attend the opening chapel of the 100th school year at ACU. That opening day chapel ceremony is pretty cool – the same song (All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name) and same scripture (Paul’s sermon on Mars hill from Acts 17) have been sung/read at every opening day assembly since 1906. There is a Parade of Flags – flags are carried for each country/state represented by students, faculty or staff.

It is a great visual representation – this year there are 47 states and 59 countries represented.

One of my favorite parts, near the end of the program, is at the end of the Battle Hymn of the Republic/Ceremony of Allegiance when the huge US flag drops down. It is just a cool thing to experience.

For any non-ACU readers, I know you may not “get it” and that’s okay with me. I just really appreciate the history and the symbolism that is remembered each year on the first day of school. And the fact that ACU has been around for 100 years is just pretty hard to beat ....

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AMankin said...

I totally get it and those are GREAT pictures!! Very cool.