Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lessons (being) Learned

You know, all experiences in life are learning experiences - if we will open our eyes and look for them. I have written here before about my lack of experiences in the dating world - and how much I long for and desire a Godly husband and children.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my trying to conquer fear and learning how to do this thing called dating. Well, tonight I learned that it is a good thing sometimes to just ask the question: "so what are you thinking?"

Turns out that the guy that I have been seeing and I were both wondering the same thing. And we were both ready enough to know the answer to bring up the topic. It even turns out (God is funny this way sometimes) that we were really both in the same place. So, we aren't going to be "dating" anymore. And that is really ok with me.

I know that this experience has opened my eyes to lots of things about dating and relationships that I knew intellectually, but hadn't really experienced before. I know that I learned quite a bit about myself and the potential pitfalls that I need to learn to avoid in the future. I know there is still much for me to learn. But, it really was overall a good experience.

I just hope I remember some of these lessons the next time!


That Girl said...

I gave up. I just quit dating. About 2 or 3 years ago, the guy I had dated for a long time wanted to date someone else and I tried to be his best friend because we really did (and still do) love each other but, I just couldn't be his friend if he was with someone else. I made myself just hate to hear his voice! Now, I won't go out because I'm too afraid of being hurt. It's not a fun way to live. Hang in there.

DJG said...

Learn, but don't quit trying.

You will find the "right" guy. When you do most of that "intellectual thinking" will go out the window anyway.

jettybetty said...

Sounds like you are one wise woman to me! I don't think God gives us any experiences as accidents--I believe He gives them to us to learn and build on.
So, you have learned and you are ready to move on--so much the richer for your experience!

Keep looking to God--and who knows who He will bring into your life!!!


Sarah said...

Don't worry...your Dr. Novak will come!!! (Saw that you like the Ashley Stockindale them!)

I truly went through a string of losers and guys I really had no business dating. Then God woke me up and told me there's something...and someone...much better out there. Just keep your eyes focused on HIM, not "him"...and have faith that God will take care of you and provide what -and who- you need.

My favorite verse that has truly become my anthem:
Jer 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Tape it to your bathroom's a girl thing! ;-)

Little Light said...

I agree with JB and Sarah. You don't want to give up, but it's no fun looking and losing either. I'm much happier focusing on God and other things. It may also make you feel better to know that you aren't alone in being alone.

SG said...

I have always found just what I was looking for when I wasn't looking for it!
I worried about finding "the guy" when I was 23-24. But about age 25 I gave the search over to God and his timing, truly believing God would send me the right guy when we were ready. I met Rob at 25years & 7months. Less than three months later, we were engaged. But literally the night I met Rob I was explaining to friends that I wasn't worried about meeting Mr.Right and I was going to enjoy a few single years. So keep learning the lessons God sends but know and believe God has someone out there for you.....
And TL it is never too late. :)

Clarissa said...

Live and learn, Jenni ... and that's what life is. Livin' and learnin'. Hang in there, girl.

And TL, I still have that uncle ... just up the road ...