Tuesday, June 21, 2005


So, today was our first day of work.

We headed out from the Sofitel (located next door to the train station in Den Haag)

about 8:30 and caught a train from


We spent the day in the offices of Gaz de France - our partner and the operator of our interests in the Dutch section of the North Sea. This sculpture (made out of offshore platform and drilling/wellhead parts) was outside the office:

Isn't it cool??

Another thing I've already noticed is the plethora of bicycle riders here in the Netherlands. This is a bicycle rack outside our hotel/train station -- there is an even bigger one just about 500 feet away! It is nuts.

There are so many people on bikes - as you can see from this picture. You really do have to be careful - they will run you down! And it seems as if they have no fear - riding all over the sidewalks and streets with little regard for what is in the way.

Well, it is almost dinner time over here, so I'll sign off for today (unless there is just something that I have to share from the dinner experience!)


DJG said...

If I started riding one of those to work, I wouldn't have to go to the gym. Of course if I rode one to work I wouldn't have time to go to the gym....
11 miles one way...

Clarissa said...

Love the pictures! Enjoy your trip!