Monday, June 06, 2005


So, it truly is Monday today. It didn't help that I am so tired that I wanted to fall asleep at my desk. By about 10:30 this morning, I really thought that I'd have to come home early and go back to bed! But, I made it through the day. I did leave work about 4:15 - there was a really bad accident near my building and they were having to close almost all of the ramps up out of our garage and were encouraging anyone who could leave early to do so.

(Here's a photo of the wreck taken by our resident fanantical amateur photographer at work .... this is out the 28th floor windows of the
Cityplace building just north of downtown Dallas)

So, now I am catching up on stuff at home .... then in a little while, I'm off to my weekly Dinner Club. I'm joining (this week for the first time) a group of friends from church that have been doing this for a while. Each person takes a week to host and prepare a meal. If everyone is able to make it and the schedule works out, you get 11 free meals for each 1 that you prepare/host. I won't be able to make it every week because I have a prayer group that meets bi-weekly, but it will definitely be a way for me to hang out with some friends that I haven't got to spend a lot of time with lately. Should be fun!


steelcowboy said...

Hope nobody was badly hurt..

Jenni said...

I didn't hear anything about injuries....I hope not too.

elizabeth said...

Just another reason I am glad I don't live in Dallas!

elizabeth said...

I was glad to find out that you commented on my blog and not your sister reading my blog on her honeymoon! I thought either she was really bored or my blog is so riveting she couldn't stand to miss a day!