Sunday, June 26, 2005

Home Again

Well, folks, I am officially home again. It is almost surreal -- did I really just spend the past few days across the pond? I guess I did - my expense report certainly reflects it!

Anyway - just thought you'd all like to know that I made it home safely. Now, off to continue the unpacking and resettling! (Laundry will come tomorrow.....)


DJG said...

Glad you arrived home safely.

Don't you just hate to unpack?

jettybetty said...

It does seem surreal doesn't it?

Glad you are home!

Hope you have a great week, back here in Texas!


SG said...


Some trips just seem like dreams... before, during, and after. I haven't had a trip like that in quite a while but I remember that feeling. So glad you got to see another side of the world and are back safe in the lone star heat index state!

Jenni said...

The piles of Mt. Washmore are certainly reminding me that I have been gone, but the rest of my world seems to be the same as when I left it.....or maybe it is hotter.