Monday, June 20, 2005

Den Haag

So, here I am now in Den Haag (The Hague) Amsterdam. I really do love technology! I love that even now, halfway around the world (and 7 hours ahead of my normal), I'm still able to be connected to my family and friends.

So, the flight from London to Amsterdam went fine - we were a little late, but nothing to worry about. Landed in Amsterdam and spent about 45 minutes getting through passport control and baggage claim.

Then I waited.....and waited.....and waited some more. Wandered and explored the "Arrivals Lounge" of Schiphol Airport for about 2 hours while waiting for my boss's plane to arrive. Finally, Steve made it and we set off for the train. Steve has been here before, but I have not, so I was following Steve. Linda told me we needed to take the Sneltrain (no stops) to Den Haag Centraal Station. Somehow Steve and I ended up on the right train, but going in the wrong direction -- and we had bought tickets for Amsterdam Centraal Station. So, we ended up buying new tickets from the conductor when he came through. Oh well, you live and learn! Next time, I'll make sure and pay closer attention to what Steve is doing! :-)

For now, I'm ready for some dinner, a shower and bedtime (I've only had about 1 1/2 hours of sleep in the last 30).

Goedenavond (Good evening)
(I'm leaving the blogger time stamp as my normal Dallas time, but it is really 4:45 pm on Monday in The Hague.)


Tiffany Browder said...

Hey Jenni:
I am one of Kelly G. friends from church, and have been reading your blog, and thought it was time to post! I had read your blog before, and of course Kelly had talked about her friend Jenni, and somehow I put the two together, its definately a small world! I enjoy your blogging and hearing about your trip! I hope you have a great time and keep us updated!!

Mae said...

Please tell me you refused the germ fest known as the airline's pillow and blanket!??!?!?!?!!! Other than that, inhale greatly while in Amsterdam and enjoy the trip! :)

Jenni said...

Hey Tiffany - consider yourself officially welcomed to my blog! I'm glad to meet you - and maybe someday I can meet you in person! I hear about you too, through Kelly.

SG said...

Take lots of pictures and see everything! You can sleep when you are back in Big D! So glad you made it safely!