Thursday, June 30, 2005


So, there's this website.....Blogthings. It has lots of random quizzes and things that you can share with your fellow bloggers. A lot of times I'll take the little quiz just for fun, but then feel absolutely no compunction to share the results.

This one, though, made me smile. I actually like Will Smith - as an actor and I like some of his music as well (though as a general rule, I don't really like that rap/hip-hop genre). I saw his recent movie "Hitch" on the plane ride back from London -- it was pretty funny!

So, apparently, here is my Summer Anthem:

Your Summer Anthem is Switch by Will Smith

Back at it, this cat is the wit and the charm
Taking you higher, like a syringe hittin' ya arm
Bringin' the fire, making your Benz ring the alarm

This summer, you bring the party (and attitude) with you wherever you go.

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