Friday, May 06, 2005


Well, I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the service I received from DigitalEtailer.

I ordered my new camera (see yesterday's post) on Tuesday evening. Received an email on Wednesday asking me to call their customer service regarding my recent order. They were just confirming my shipping method - ground (cheapest, you know) - and letting me know that it would be next Tuesday before I received my camera. No problem. Got the email confirmation that my camera shipped on Wednesday - FedEx tracking number included.

So, Thursday I checked the shipping status. Surprise, surprise. They shipped it 2-Day air (which, if I had chosen that option, was an additional $10-15). So, this morning, before I really got settled in at work, our receptionist came into my office with a package! It's my camera!!!

No time to play with it at work, but I will definitely have some fun this weekend.


Lana said...

Wow! Always nice to be surprised with an early shipment! Have fun playing with your new camera. I know you'll take beautiful pictures -- and lots of them!

Jim said...

Well, at least you bought it from the same company as I did! I'm sure it will be fun.

jettybetty said...

Please post some pictures soon!

R Debenport said...

Have fun with that Jenni! I look forward to seeing some good pictures of the Netherlands!