Thursday, May 26, 2005


So, tonight I went sailing for the first time. It was a relatively short trip - but still, in a sailboat, on White Rock Lake. I liked it. I think I might want to do it again!

I've never really enjoyed lake/water sports. Mostly I think because I couldn't see if I didn't wear my contacts. And because I was afraid of losing one if I did! But now, thanks to the wonderful technology that is LASIK - I can do all kinds of new, neat things without being paranoid about contacts. Here are a few more on the list:

1 - motorcycle riding
2 - skydiving
3 - more sailing
4 - snorkeling (maybe?)
5 - traveling is definitely much, much easier!

Ok, so there's not a whole lot that I can think of that make the list. But still, it is a list.

Here's again is my recurring theme: PLEASE DONATE BLOOD! (gave a single of platelets today)

Tomorrow is Friday -- and a three day holiday weekend. Yippee!!


DJG said...

It sure is easier without contacts, but I did all of those things (not sky-diving) when I wore contacts.

The best thing is when you get a little something in your eye you don't have to panic. You can rub it out!!

Have a great weekend!

Mae said...

In your best South Park voice... "I'm sailing away..."