Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Houston - day 2

So, I thought I had plans tonight for dinner with my friends Wendy and Weldon. We even talked yesterday (as we both sat in airports) to confirm. But, she called about 4:45 today and let me know that she was sick. Something she ate over the weekend on her 10th anniversary trip to Saint Lucia had not agreed with her. So, when I called her back to let her know that I got her message, we just talked for about 30 minutes - I gave her the scoop on my life and she gave me hers. So, hopefully, sometime later this summer, she can come up to Dallas or I can come back to Houston for the weekend and we can shop and hang and really catch up.

So, here I am, hanging out in a hotel room. Don't get me wrong - it's a really nice hotel room. But it is a hotel room - by myself. I've got magazines and the TV to keep me occupied, but it isn't quite the same as being with actual people who know and love me.


jettybetty said...

Bummer--I hope you are able to get together soon, too--Houston is not that far away!!!

steelcowboy said...

Ack, I always hated lonely hotel rooms. TV doesn't cut it for companionship, eh?

DJG said...

Ahh, but you have us, your blog family, We love you!!