Friday, April 15, 2005


Just taking a moment to be thankful for the company for which I work. It is a family owned business -- not tiny, but definitely run like a family business in that they take care of their employees.

They are more interested (at least if you have a good manager) in you getting your stuff done, than policing every moment of your day.

They are interested in allowing us to volunteer in the community (even with time off during the work day).

They are interested in keeping employees happy and content in their jobs.

They pay pretty competitively.

And, the reason that I am really thankful today - they pay a BONUS if the company performs well. And since I work for the arm of our company that is in the oil & gas business, our industry has done really well the past couple of years (and is projected to do so for the next few as well).

So, as soon as I leave here today, I'm off to the bank to deposit my bonus check. I've been making a list, but I guess it is really time to start thinking of how I'll be saving and spending it!

Happy Friday blogworld.


SG said...

a Bonus...How Exciting! Congrats...and have some fun with at least a small part of it! What good is a bonus if you don't get to splurge a bit! :)

MDM said...

I miss bonuses...Darren has his own business and he does not give himself bonuses. AND, I want new patio furniture. Oh well. I am blessed that he is doing well and I stay home with my chicks!